Why so many girls like Air Jordan shoes?

Why so many girls like Jordan shoes?

For a person who does not play basketball, never understand why so many people so crazy pursuit of Jordan shoes. But also from which series of sports shoes can be so completely across the sports and fashion industry, whether it is actors, singers, models or designers, pedal a pair of Jordan shoes as if stepped on fashionable fire wheel children.

This is not introduced

England 90 after the popular female singer Rita Ora

Rita bought a lot of Jordan shoes

look familiar

Disney starring “girl agent” starring Zendaya

Re-soil of a boy, wearing a pair of Jordan shoes, will make people feel that this kid is still a little rejuvenated children; ugly a girl, wearing a pair of Jordan shoes, will make people feel that this shoe really TM ruined … …

We said that Jordan shoes, of course, Jordan retired before the shoes, he retired after the production of those, no matter how hard, in the hearts of fans, are clouds (shi). The old section engraved how many times, you still can not buy in the store, than the 80’s with the ticket to buy large pieces of children is also difficult, fans from shoes to buy shoes, do not think of “black market” the word, as if this Is the normal channel. If the Jordan shoes compared to a novel, reprint the number of the equivalent of “Jin Yong Complete Works.”

Air Jordan 11 Gym Red classic models

Air Jordan 11 Gym Red is also known as “Panda”

Generation is omnipotent

More than a generation is also Air Jordan 11 Gym Red

It must be noted that only the old section of Jordan shoes to highlight your taste, the new Air Jordan 11 Gym Red shoes can not participate in the fashion with the most play with the end, even Jordan I have dissatisfaction with the design of the past few years, threatened to break up, do not. This is very unusual in the fashion industry, people do not love the new but love old goods, you can imagine people do not like to buy a car when the new models are reminder every day remake of some of the four generations of golf it? Of course, this is also mixed with the fans of Jordan’s emotions, obsessed with that legend.


Basketball fans to see the people who do not play the shoes do not wear Joseph shoes, will silently in the heart stretched out two fingers shook: “two, is simply profane.” Some fans love basketball also invented a word – Air Jordan 11 Gym Red Bitch, to describe those who do not know Jordan which year to take the championship, do not understand basketball girl, also bought a pile of Jordan shoes in friends circle show. Of course the boys will say, “Well, you are all beautiful, and you will not be able to lay the game three times.”

Do not say anything about you?

Will not be three-step layup is not important

Tattoo + legs + Jordan shoes is a perfect match

Like this kind of cold and clean

The girl will color

Buy Jordan shoes have a funny phenomenon, 40 yards or less is usually called “girl size”, about a thousand dollars, but more than 41 yards on the price of steep increase, the same product if it is 43,44 yards, generally two thousand up and down, if Is 11,13 on behalf of this popular models, no 2500 do not sell. This is simply sex discrimination, the equivalent of equal pay for equal work, do you tell the Trade and Industry Bureau you say?

The girls are blessed, the boys are particularly envious, 8,9 can buy a pair of Air Jordan 11 Gym Red is on behalf of the boys than to pay twice the effort. Send a pair of girls like a pair of Jordan shoes, that he is really sincere, the problem is to buy the first pair of Jordan shoes, it simply can not stop.

Not enough

Jordan couple shoes

Another pair

Jordan shoes on the love story, from the beginning to see the children, all wearing Air Jordan 11 Gym Red shoes to complete

11 generations of pure white can get married when you know?

Look at this battle

This is to play the museum that several

Welfare welfare, Joe master two wedding photos, is said to have given birth to a pair of twins

There are so many girls like Jordan shoes, probably for two reasons, one is that they like Jordan, a taste of Jordan in the field of style; second is some little girls, they like boys like Jordan shoes, so love the house and Ukraine. I guess you will classify yourself as the second category, the first type is easy to reveal age.

This is a well-known fashion beauty up to “a long time sister”, a child with his father watching, fell in love with Jordan, and later he liked to play, there is the reason to buy Air Jordan 11 Gym Red shoes, has been purchased dozens of pairs, still continue.

Look at the legs bounce good

It is only the tip of the iceberg

Jordan shoes have a magical wild ability, whether you go youthful vitality line, or tall style, can find the right Air Jordan 11 Gym Red shoes with, and ground gas, not loaded force.

Sports style

White half-step skirt with 4 generations

Look at the effect of combining with silly trouble

Mink and 9 generations

LV + Gym red 11s

Air Jordan 11 Gym Red11 specifically with the big children

In fact, as long as there are Air Jordan 11 Gym Red, the other casual wear all have a type

Wear clothes are into

Do not wear it

And then look at these old shoes based on the derivative shoes.


Can not show again

Cooperation with VERSACE Air Jordan 11 Gym Red

LV version of the Air Jordan 11 Gym Red

Cooperation with FBCC Air Jordan 11 Gym Red

Big gold teeth

This can do it

2015, is the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Jordan brand, only once, we recommend a manufacturer to stop innovation, encourage them to eat the old children, when a product is great enough, it has this capital, like Coca-Cola.

The legend continues.