Defender shoes how to choose? Inventory in recent years combat series I love basketball shoes one: Air Jordan articles

Nike Air Jordan 14, as the league’s best small forward signature shoes, Air Jordan 14, whether the configuration or configuration compared to the previous generation have undergone tremendous changes. Full palm 3/4 of the area using the partition zoom air cushion to provide excellent cushioning and feedback (I like this design), and cushioning and stability because of the expansion of the zoom area to be enhanced. And Air Jordan 13 Low using the same foam material integration uppers, and with the Velcro and Flywire make shoes wrapped, support, protection readily available. Whether it is lighter and stronger concept, or a new design and technology applications, can be said to belong to the Air Jordan shoes team an innovation.

Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes Kyrie 3GS Christmas white rainbow Kyrie 3 PG1 after the launch of a lot of heat down, but have to say Kyrie 3 is still the season launched one of the best defender shoes. Still is the forefoot Phylon + back palm zoom cushioning configuration, the unique texture of the extension of the manufacture of high-quality grip so that you can always feel the sense of security when landing, and the upper comfortable parcel and support so that these shoes can make you There is “wear that is disguised” feeling. For the Irvine fans and the speed of the demanding players, Air Jordan is indeed a good choice.

Nike PG1 2K Paul George 1 Pickle Walker basketball shoes PG1 and many stars like the first generation of signature shoes, from the release to the present has been warmly welcomed. Forefoot Zoom excellent response and the whole palm of the compact package of the shoe is unable to stop, soles of the grip and wear resistance is also called extremely good. If you think Kyrie 3’s forefoot is too hard, this pair of PG1 is definitely another excellent choice for you.

Nike soldiers soldiers 10 generations of basketball shoes from the beginning of the summer of 2016 on the critically acclaimed Soldier X, is still one of the strongest combat shoes. Before and after the palm zonal Zoom excellent cushioning performance coupled with the tie system to avoid the whole system so that the bag can be free to adjust the package, and thick punching the upper also makes the upper protective and support has been further improved The Now the soldiers 10 slowly lower prices, as one of the cost-effective combat shoes, you can consider starting.

Nike Zoom Rev EP 2017 combat basketball shoes Zoom Rev 2017 in the field can be said that Nike is the middle of this year’s shoes in the “striker weapon.” Forefoot Zoom manufacturing cushioning and wavy pattern of the end of the manufacturing effect of the grip makes the actual combat performance of the shoes can be guaranteed, and the upper fabric wrapped and the internal structure of the design also makes your combat experience more comfortable and flexible. Coupled with thick heel filling and upper protection, this pair of Zoom Rev 17 into the field of excellent combat shoes.

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 FK white red elite basketball shoes version of the high cost of three pairs of different versions of Hyperdunk in the most cost-effective pair. Followed by the compact package makes the protection of the shoes to the best, while the front and back palm zoom + full palm inflatable Phylon configuration compared to the FK version of the cushion also did not weaken too much. If you were disappointed with Hyperdunk2015, the Hyperdunk 2016 could be a rejuvenation of doping for you.

So wear domineering, Air Jordan 11 gym red should wear like this

Superior Jordan, this year Jordan Brand’s finish on the devil Air Jordan 11 Rerto, will bring a white with AIir Jordan 11 “Midnight Navy” and Air Jordan 11 “Gym Red” two devil. Because the scheduled date of sale is very close (the former is November 24, the other pair is on December 9), in the end the selection of which? That is a tough option! The network released around the two models in the very same time on the foot diagram might offer you a reference. If it’s you, would be the choice of fresh “Midnight Navy” win? Or the “Gym Red” priority? Even two pairs are bought about the feet to wear a single?

Air Jordan 11 is usually said that the entire series of probably the most popular footwear, even the legendary shoes designer Tinker Hatfield also revealed that his favorite shoes may be the shoes.

Previously had to become announced at the finish of the Air Jordan 11 “Navy”, this time also released a variety of spy images released, white mesh fabric plus the end, outline the charming shoe physique, AJ11 most important patent leather configuration, the Chosen the navy blue show, as well as the white upper weaving a fresh atmosphere, the specifics in the light blue trapeze logo and translucent ice, extra general add a unique bright spot.

The shoes are expected to be officially launched on November 24, priced at $ 220, No. 378037-123.

Full red color version of the Air Jordan 11 has been on the network earlier exposure, this red version and Anthony wearing a personal version on the Air Jordan 11 is extremely related for the individuals inside the dazzling red version in the time attracted, Jordan brand Lastly to the sale of related color version.

Air Jordan 11 “Gym Red” with all red upper, material and most of the Air Jordan 11, using the net with leather, in addition to really eye-catching eye-catching full red, but additionally having a white midsole and translucent Outsole. The current network has no picture from the shoes exposure, where the offer you of a pair of extremely related footwear photos for reference.

Item No .: 378037-623
Release period: 2017-12-16
Value: $ 220